Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving first

November 21, 2010 – While driving around town running errands yesterday, I thought I’d forego my iPod and listen to the radio. I wanted to disprove the occasional statement that I don’t know anything about today’s music because I am stuck in the past.

To my surprise, the airwaves were filled with familiar tunes. So much for expanding my musical tastes. And for a moment I was comforted by the sounds of Andy Williams singing Do You Hear What I Hear before I came to my senses and plugged the iPod back into the player.

It’s too damn early to listen to Christmas music.

Growing up, we had a rule. No Christmas music until Thanksgiving. We would play it while cleaning up after the big meal, and it became the kick off to the season.

I realize Christmas equals big sales, which is why I let it go when items start appearing in stores right after Halloween. I’m guilty of decorating early (the day after Thanksgiving) because I enjoy the time leading up to the big day more than the days after. But by December 26th, I’m ready to put the decorations away.

That’s what happens when you start something too early.


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One thought on “Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving first”

  1. I, too, flip the station quickly when I hear a Christmas tune before Thanksgiving. It’s almost a mortal sin to listen to Christmas music before turkey day. Maybe that’s because I grew up in the same house as the Jane….

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