Flawed hero?

November 22, 2010 – With no one running away with the NFC title this year, most teams remain Super Bowl contenders.

Which makes me wonder, if the Eagles make it to the big game, will Michael Vick be a hero? Will the same fans who spat their repulsion and disgust at his signing last year change their tune and crown him king? Have they already? And am I one of them?

I hate to think we’re that shallow, but the city is starved for a Super Bowl championship, maybe even more so after the sting of the Phillies’ failure to make it to the World Series. And we can’t justify it as a “team” victory when without Vick we wouldn’t stand a chance.

It’s difficult to get past his heinous actions, and even more difficult to believe he could change so dramatically. Is Vick sorry for what he did or is he sorry he got caught? We’ll never know for sure.

Then again, Vick seems like a softer version of his former personality, he’s done his time, and deserves a second chance, just like everyone else. NFL players have never been poster children for morality, anyway.

With all the flip flopping back and forth, perhaps I should consider a run for office.

Of course, it’s Eagles we’re talking about, so I probably won’t have to worry about which side of the debate I will take. Until I do, this middle of the road citizen will keep her opinions to herself, continue to cheer for her team, live in the now, and worry about everything else if and when it happens.

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