The game show must go on

December 22, 2010 – Whenever I visit my parent’s house I usually find my mom sitting on the sofa watching the Game Show Network. She doesn’t like the newer game shows or the remakes on the network channels, and would rather watch the classics from 40 or 50 years ago.

I often snicker about it, and when I mention it to friends, they say their moms do the same, and we all have a good laugh.

It’s a generational thing, I suppose. The women in my mom’s age group probably had Password, Match Game or the $10,000 Pyramid on in their living rooms and kitchens in the 1960s and 1970s while doing housework. And watching those reruns today brings back fond memories.

Last night, I realized the laugh was on me.

After a long day, I’ll often sit at the computer to play a few games on Boxerjam. The site offers classics like Strike a Match or Know it All, my two favorites, which I recently realized were modeled after the old game shows my mother still watches. I don’t care for the newer games available on Facebook, such as Mafia Wars or Farmville because I don’t understand them.

Who knew?

Boxerjam has been around since 1995, and I’ve probably been playing almost that long. The site isn’t that old – but I guess in Internet time, 15 years is ancient.

Through the years people have told me that I look like my mother, and I know I’ve inherited her sense of humor, among other traits. I just never realized, until now, that I inherited her love of game shows, too.

Like mother, like daughter … we just do it our own way.

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