Coo coo for coconuts

December 29, 2010Here’s something that I found a little surprising.

After much coaxing from my family to cook with coconut oil because of the nutritional benefits, I did a little research. I discovered that coconut oil has been appreciated around the world for centuries. It’s only in the U.S. that it’s gotten a bad rap because it contains high amounts of saturated fat.

Still, many experts believe it offers plenty of health benefits, including improved thyroid health. In combination with a sensible diet, coconut oil has the potential to improve thyroid function because it fuels the metabolism. When metabolism is increased, cells throughout the body function at a higher rate of efficiency.

Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride, a fatty acid shown to boost the levels of thyroid hormones, which are essential to metabolism. Some users claim to have dropped weight quickly after adding coconut oil to their diet.


Research shows that coconut oil not only stimulates the metabolism, but also boosts energy. In addition, many users who suffer from up and down mood swings have noticed a positive improvement in their mood levels.


Some organic experts claim coconut oil is a cure for everything from head lice to the flu. In addition, they say coconut oil improves digestion and absorption of other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. And it’s great for the skin and hair. However, they warn not to take coconut oil on an empty stomach since it could produce bloating and gas.

Cooking with coconut oil is just as easy as cooking with any other cooking oil, and aside from the tropical aroma it produces as it melts in the pan, it’s virtually tasteless. However, it does smoke a bit more than other oils when cooking at high heat.

Finally, don’t be turned off by the price. It may seem expensive, but one jar should last much longer than any other bottle of cooking oil.


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