Fiction Friday: Blueberries and Hotcakes

December 31, 2010 — Another blast from the past.

I wrote this story right after my son was born, and I had just turned 24. It was a tribute to family, more so, to my grandfather (my dad’s father) and my grandmother (my mom’s mother). While the work is fiction, there’s a lot of truth in between the lines.

I wish I could say it’s a story about ringing in the new, since that would be appropriate today, but I’ve never written a story about New Year’s Eve. Maybe I’ll add that to my list of resolutions.

Happy New Year! Enjoy and be safe! I hope you enjoy Blueberries and Hotcakes.


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A girl trying to live the dream.

3 thoughts on “Fiction Friday: Blueberries and Hotcakes”

  1. Loved reading Blueberries and Hotcakes. Of course, I have a vivid picture of Gramsy and PopPop in my mind but your story brings them to life in such a wonderful way. Thanks, Jane, reading this made my day.

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