Happy Birthday, Dad!

January 9, 2011 – Today is dad’s 80th birthday, and even after eight decades, he’s still young at heart.

Sure, he’s a little weathered, and we all contributed to those gray hairs and wrinkles, but he’s spry, smart, funny, a pain in the butt, the life of the party – and still works full-time.

Those who know him well may describe him as a man who won’t be ignored and usually attracts attention wherever he goes. Some may say he’s loud and opinionated, and always ready for a good time. And others, well… perhaps it’s best to let them say it in their own words:


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A girl trying to live the dream.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

  1. Thank you, Jane, for that wonderful birthday tribute to dad! I finally got to read it today. It was great and I love the pictures.

  2. What a cute idea! These stories are awesome! I especially like the picture of Uncle Dave with pantyhose over his head!! Happy Birthday, Uncle Dave!!!!!

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