George Harrison’s Duo Jet replicated

January 11, 2011 – You know you’re an icon when they create a replica of your guitar and charge a hefty price of $20,000.

I suppose they can justify that price since the manufacturer will create a limited run of 60. But for that much money, I’d want to know that George Harrison played it a time or two.

The Gretsch Duo Jet, a replica of which will be available this spring, is what Harrison played in Liverpool’s Cavern Club back in the early days of Long John and the Silver Beatles. Harrison also used it to record Meet the Beatles, their first album in the U.S.

Harrison originally purchased the Duo Jet for 70 pounds, which was nearly $200 U.S. dollars at the time. The man who sold it to him, Ivan Hayward, described the teenaged Harrison as a bit rough around the edges. That didn’t affect his ability to play the musical instrument with precision.

Harrison’s son, Dhani, says he’s never seen a more detailed replica of any guitar in his life. Made of a chambered mahogany body, the Duo Jet is one of Gretsch’s most sought after guitars.

In the charming video clip below, you can see the fondness he carried for his guitars and the Beatles.

Oh, how I adore this clip! It alone may be the best argument for the price.


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2 thoughts on “George Harrison’s Duo Jet replicated”

  1. Great video! And I loved when he laughed at Paul’s pix, can only imagine he’s laughing at how young they were! (and how cute.)

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