Survey says …

January 24, 2011Travel & Leisure magazine has done it again.

The people who gave us compelling data from ridiculous surveys such as “America’s least attractive locals” (Philadelphia ranked #33) and “America’s most unintelligent locals” (Philadelphia ranked #30), just released the results from their latest coup, “America’s rudest cities.”

Los Angeles takes the top spot at rudest of the rude according to those surveyed, New York City grabbed the #2 spot, and my fair city of Philadelphia is #3. Rounding out the top five are Miami at #4, and Washington D.C. at #5.

The Eastern part of the country got hit pretty hard, also claiming the #6, #7 and #9 spot in the top 10, with Boston, Baltimore and Orlando, respectively. For Philadelphia, I suppose it’s positive that we’re not as unattractive or as unintelligent as we are rude. Or is that a stretch?

Here is the complete list, but without knowing what questions were asked, or how many were surveyed — I’m guessing the responders were magazine readers — I’m placing a big asterisk next to it in my mind:

20. Anchorage
19. Houston
18. Providence
17. Santa Fe
16. Seattle
15. Chicago
14. San Francisco
13. Memphis
12. Phoenix/Scottsdale
11. Atlanta
10. Dallas/Fort Worth
9. Orlando
8. Las Vegas
7. Baltimore
6. Boston
5. Washington
4. Miami
3. Philadelphia
2. New York City
1. Los Angeles

Travel & Leisure also conducts surveys that actually help people make travel plans, such as “America’s best museums” (Philadelphia ranked #8) and “America’s best historical monuments” (Philadelphia ranked #6).

Here’s a message for the responders of the latest survey, and I’ll write it as politely as possible…

As W.C. Fields once said, “All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.”


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2 thoughts on “Survey says …”

  1. Yes, these surveys are so funny. And having kids in high school, I am constantly hearing about this college “is ranked number 1 as a best value” or that college was voted to have the “happiest students” or this college is “number one for business majors” yadda yadda. What? Who took this data? It is all crazy. But I admit, I am always interested in the results. It seems that my city (DC) is almost as rude as Philly! I guess things are improving down here 🙂

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