Carly Simon on beauty and those internal voices

February 5, 2011 – What other celebrity would have the courage or the sense of humor to post this first video?

In the second video, she offers the wisdom inherited by living 65 years, 4o plus of which have been in the entertainment business. Even though she’s battled her insecurities, she exudes confidence. This is why I adore this woman …


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A girl trying to live the dream.

2 thoughts on “Carly Simon on beauty and those internal voices”

  1. Wow, Carly is a You-Tuber! Those videos are adorable. I think it is so funny that she decided to make them, as if she was sitting around saying “hey, I think I’ll make a video on how to look older” and just did it. She is real.

  2. Yes, she is real, and those series of videos she just did about looking older and plastic surgery are very funny! For a girl the media once called the ugly duckling in a family of beauties, she is very secure now, even though that wasn’t always the case…

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