The 30-day song challenge – days 25 through 30

February 14, 2011 – Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are the last selections for the music challenge…

A song that makes you laugh – I never feel the need to get my comic relief from music, but if I had to pick a funny song, it would be Joni Mitchell’s Twisted. And not solely because Cheech and Chong lend their voices; it’s those clever and funny lyrics that make me smile.

A song that you can play on an instrument – I long to be able to play the piano or the guitar, but never had the patience to learn. I did, however, master a few songs on the harmonica, one of them being Oh, Susanna.

A song that you wish you could play – It’s musical arrangements like Beethoven’s masterpiece Ode to Joy that makes me wish I could play an instrument. Haven’t figured this one out on the harmonica quite yet, but my sister can play a mean Joy on the piano … or was the Fur Elise? Sometimes I mix them up.

A song that makes you feel guilty – In my world, music and guilt are never related. But in the world of Talking Heads genius David Byrne, his lyrics in the song Nothing but Flowers have the same unique sarcasm and “Lennon-esque” humor that make a loud statement. So, where does my guilt come into play? Well, I think I prefer to live in a world of honky tonks, Dairy Queens, and 7-Elevens. Sorry, David.

A song from your childhood – Ah, those long summer days where we’d sit on the porch, play jacks and listen to music all day on a transistor radio. One of my favorites was the bubble gum hit Sugar, Sugar by the Archies. Give me a break … I was only 9 or 10 at the time!

Your favorite song at this time last year – About this time last year, I rediscovered iTunes after a long drought, and all because I just had to have the James Blunt song, You’re Beautiful. Now, I hardly listen to it because it’s so convenient. But if I happen to hear it on the radio, it makes my day.

Well, that was great fun, and I’m sorry to see it end. A special shout out to for having video for every song on my list.

View Part One
View Part Two
View Part Three
View Part Four


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