The big day (and a big storm) closes in

April 27, 2011 – Prepare the tea and scones, set your alarm for 4 a.m. EST and dust off your tiara. The royal wedding is only two days away.

Heavy rains are expected in London on Friday morning and may keep some well-wishers away, but plenty of diehard fans will still line the streets to watch William and Kate’s covered carriage pass by.

While it’s reported that all of the hoopla will cost Britain’s taxpayers plenty – they could be on the hook for about $35 million – they don’t seem to be complaining. Rather, they are enjoying their time in the spotlight.

In America, most people claim they don’t care about the upcoming wedding, but reported yesterday that the coverage here since the engagement was announced in November has been more aggressive than in Great Britain. But that only proves the theory that the media cares more than the American people do.

Many in Ireland are not exactly overcome with joyous feelings for the happy couple, either. Here’s how the folks in the Irish Republic feel about the upcoming nuptials. And in Northern Ireland, there are warnings of possible bomb threats that may coincide with the ceremony on Friday.

Although we don’t hear much about the IRA these days, a new branch called the Real IRA has emerged ignoring the cease fire agreed to in 1997, and causing some recent trouble. They also plan wide protests for a scheduled visit to the Irish Republic by Queen Elizabeth next month, claiming that she should be tried for war crimes.

Still, let’s not lose sight of the real news here. The world be damned; a fairy tale is about to unfold. Let’s just hope everyone lives happily (and safely) ever after.

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