A bedtime snack?

May 14, 2011 – I used to work with a woman who bragged about giving her kids Benadryl before long car trips to make them sleep.

If she’d known about Lazy Cakes, she could have saved herself from the awful stares of her co-workers when she told us about it.

Lazy Cakes, advertised as the ultimate relaxation brownie, are made with ingredients such as Valerian Root and Rose Hips, which induce Melatonin, a substance your body produces naturally to help you relax and sleep.

Although the manufacturer says that the brownies are for adults only, especially those who need to relax after consuming energy drinks to fuel themselves at work all day, I’m sure the Benadryl mom would have an easier time giving her kids a brownie rather than a teaspoonful of nasty tasting medicine.

But those who swear by Lazy Cakes may have a fight brewing.

Today, the media reported that authorities in the Boston area want the snacks removed from the shelves in local stores because they could be harmful. They claim a single serving contains eight milligrams of Melatonin, which far exceeds the recommended dose, and that the common prescription strength for most adult sleep aids contains only three milligrams.

However, the Lazy Cakes website claims each brownie only contains four milligrams of Melatonin, and that most doctors say it’s safe to take up to six milligrams to induce sleep.

Can this really be a serious issue for the local government in Massachusetts? Surely there are worse things on store shelves that are more harmful. How about cigarettes or even guns?

I like the idea of eating a brownie before bed over popping an Ambien. At least Lazy Cakes doesn’t have a history of making people do weird things like sleepwalk in the nude, or eat everything in the kitchen without any recollection.

Besides, shouldn’t it be our decision whether to buy a product or not?


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2 thoughts on “A bedtime snack?”

  1. It’s a little scary that people would do this to counteract the effects of Red Bull and such. My 14 yr old was at his friend’s house the other day and drank a Red Bull like it was no big deal. It was to me! Anyway, you can buy melatonin directly so that is a safer alternative to Ambien (which I took last night I must say) and it won’t pack the calories of a brownie, which is never a good idea right before bed. I’ve used melatonin to help my youngest sleep (he has anxiety) and it works pretty well.

  2. You’re right it is scary that people need to counteract energy drinks. Sounds like Elvis … pills to get up and pills to go to sleep.

    I’d never heard of this product before yesterday. I just found it funny that Boston is trying to ban it when there are so many things that are worse out there.

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