Ocean City pizza wars

May 20, 2011 – In less than two weeks, thousands of people will celebrate the start of summer at the Jersey shore and have their first slice of boardwalk pizza of the season.

My friend and I have an ongoing debate about the best pizza on the Ocean City, N.J. boardwalk. I say Mack & Manco is tops, she says Prep’s Pizza is best.

Mack & Manco Pizza has been a family tradition since the Wildwood days of my youth where it is simply known as Mack’s Pizza. Every summer, we’d go down to Wildwood for a week or two, park the car without unpacking it, and immediately head to the boardwalk to have Mack’s Pizza for lunch. We’d also make a trip to Mack’s on the way out of Wildwood at the end of our vacation, and probably several times in between.

While it’s true that I’ve never had Prep’s Pizza and my friend has had both, I still have a difficult time believing Prep’s is best. Let’s take a look at the facts:

There are three Mack & Manco locations in Ocean City, and during the summer there are always long lines in front of each of them, while I’ve never seen a line at Prep’s one and only location. That alone should speak volumes, but here’s another reason. On Facebook, “Mack & Manco” has 10,865 followers, while “Prep’s is better than Mack & Manco” only has 50.

Enough said? I think so, but I promise to do a real taste test this summer.

And for all of you Primo Pizza fans out there, here’s an interesting comparison to Mack & Manco, with a little mention of Prep’s at the bottom.


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