There’s a job for that

June 2, 2011 – OK, so I haven’t crossed the finish line of my job search, but I have been a runner-up on a few occasions.

How do I know this?

I’ve garnered the courage to follow-up with a few employers and ask why I wasn’t selected, and a few companies I’d written off contacted me when another position became available to see if I was interested in interviewing again. They mentioned they kept my information because I was the second choice.

That’s what they call close, but no cigar. Or in my case, no job.

Let’s face it – I may be good at what I do, and I may be a loyal and dependable employee, but there’s always going to be someone better than me. That’s just the way life works.

So it got me thinking that perhaps I can cash in on second place. I can hire myself out to other job candidates who really want the job, interview right before they do, thereby assuring that they will get the job and I will be second in line. Maybe I can throw a Miss America clause into the contract for good measure stating that like any good runner-up, I will fulfill their duties should they be unable.

I may even start a company and hire others like me. They have to be out there. I’m not totally unique, no matter what my ego says.

In this world of phone applications for everything imaginable – think confession applications for Catholics or applications that won’t allow you to call anyone if you’re too drunk – surely there has to be a market for this kind of service.

Anyone want to hire me? I’m practically guaranteed to get you the job.


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A girl trying to live the dream.

One thought on “There’s a job for that”

  1. I love your outlook and your positive way of looking at life ( except for dissing Oprah). But, you are Number One in my book.

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