Spruce and sell

June 14, 2011 — Selling your home? A minimal investment of time and money can go a long way in helping you close the sale.

Before the first prospective buyer visits, think about what you would look for in a new house, and spruce up your current home to match. Here are a few suggestions:

• Start with a spotless home. Clean the inside and outside of all glass surfaces. Move on to mirrors, countertops, drapes, curtains and rugs. Don’t forget the kitchen and bathrooms. They should be spotless and accessible. Open the curtains, pull back the blinds and do whatever else you can to let in the daylight.

• Create space. Your decor can affect the perceived size of a room, no matter what the square footage. Remove that beat-up recliner or unnecessary furniture, and remove clutter from tables, corners and hallways. Pack and store your nonessential items. The closet should be organized and look roomy.

• Create a good drive-by view. The outside of your home should look inviting. Trim the bushes, mow the lawn, plant flowers (if season permits) and put out a welcome mat. If the house needs a coat of paint inside or out, consider it a worthwhile investment.

• Keep the decorations minimal. Buyers need to visualize the home as their own. You don’t need to make the walls bare, just take down a few pictures.

• Complete minor repairs. Now is the time to fix the squeaky door and dripping faucet, to repair any holes in the walls and anything else that might be distracting to a buyer.

You never know what will be the deciding factor for a home buyer. But the more you can showcase your home the better your chances of impressing a potential buyer.


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