Facebook fatigue

June 15, 2011 – Has Facebook lost its luster?

Nearly six million Americans permanently logged off the social network in the last two months, and estimates from across the Atlantic show that 100,000 users in the UK followed suit. Worldwide, the growth rate for Facebook slowed for the second month in a row, so the company, who launched the site in February 2004, and who’s goal is to reach one billion users, will have to find subscribers elsewhere.

Recently, Facebook has been in the news for a variety of privacy problems, but it is unclear if that is the reason folks are bowing out, or if they’re just getting bored.

Either way, the loss of some users is hardly bad news for the company. Facebook claims to have over 500 million users, 70% of which reside outside of the United States. Additionally, various news sources are reporting that the site is valued at $100 billion, and may be planning an initial public offering as early as next spring.


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