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June 17, 2011 — Over the past month my mother has been hospitalized, and for most of that time she was in a drug-induced coma, breathing on a ventilator, trying to fight off a lung infection.

Thankfully, she seems to be on the road to recovery and was discharged on Wednesday to a rehabilitation facility where she’ll spend a few weeks regaining her strength.

When I visited her yesterday, we had the first coherent conversation since the start of her illness. She asked me a simple question, yet one with no easy answer … “So, what’s going on in the world?”

I laughed when I thought about the headline news over the past month and wondered what I should say. Should I try to explain Weinergate? Or discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger, his mistress and their love child? Perhaps she’d be intrigued about John Edwards’ recent indictment for using illegal campaign funds to help cover up his affair, or his happy mugshot. And to think these are among the political headlines – and not stories torn from gossip rags or TMZ.

Instead I told her that nothing worth mentioning happened while she was sleeping and that we were just glad to have her back.

She’ll find out the rest of the awful truth soon enough.


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