Songs about dads that say it all

June 19, 2011 – Every year on the third Sunday of June we celebrate Father’s Day to commemorate the contribution that fathers and father figures made in our lives.

To honor that special man, here my top five songs about dads. They’re dedicated to my father, to all of the other wonderful fathers celebrating today, and to those fathers who left us too soon.

Happy Father’s Day!

Leader of the Band – Dan Fogelberg
This song actually reminds me of my grandfather since he was the musical one. But he was a dad too!

Father and Son – Cat Stevens
A touching song that makes me cry.

Father and Daughter – Paul Simon
Paul Simon always says it right.

Oh My Papa – Eddie Fisher
This is one of my dad’s favorites; he used to sing it to his dad at every family party.

Daddy’s Little Girl – Al Martino
My dad used to sing this to me and my sisters. Why don’t they play this at weddings anymore?


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