The social media job search

July 6, 2011 – The buzz on the streets claims that traditional networking techniques, along with Internet job boards such as and, will soon be as obsolete as the employment section of the Sunday newspaper.

What will take it’s place? Social media, of course.

The social media trend is fast becoming the best way to conduct job searches because it’s one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to get your resume and qualifications in front of as many potential employers as possible.

Searching for a job on sites such LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter not only accelerates your efforts, but also highlights your knowledge of social media platforms. This may demonstrate to potential employers that you keep up with the latest technology trends – a definite plus for many jobs in today’s environment. Additionally, these sites provide rich resources to research companies you’d like to target.

However, establishing a profile is not all that is required. It takes time to build a network of friends and followers, and the more active you are on these sites, the faster you will establish a reputation for yourself.

Once you create a profile, establish a network and make a list of potential companies, social media allows you to conduct people searches, which may give you an inside edge to jobs that are not posted online. For instance, you may not know anyone who works at Company XYZ, but someone in your network might know someone who does, and might be willing to do an online introduction.

In this difficult job market, anything that can give you the edge of your competition is worthwhile. Social media may be what leads you to the perfect job opportunity.


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