Interview do’s and don’ts

August 1, 2011 – Here’s a handy list of interview do’s and don’ts courtesy of our friends at Right Management, a Manpower Company.

They may seem like common sense (or maybe not) but sometimes it helps to spell it out in black and white:


1. Research the company before the interview via their Web site.
2. Prepare a list of stories that show how you solved problems or contributed to a team effort.
3. Practice interviewing with a friend, or in mock interviews in your career center.
4. Prepare to dress as an employee would on a day when an out-of-town big boss visits the office.
5. Consider removing piercings and covering tattoos.
6. Allow plenty of time to arrive at your appointment at least five minutes early.
7. Have a firm, business-like handshake.
8. Sell yourself. Be positive and confident and don’t hold back on representing your abilities.
9. Ask about the process: how many interviews, when they’ll make a decision, what you should do next.
10. Send a thank you note immediately after the meeting.


1. Don’t be late – ever!
2. Don’t lie, oversell, or misrepresent yourself.
3. Don’t dominate or take over the interview.
4. Don’t initiate discussions of salary and benefits.
5. Don’t try to be funny or entertaining.
6. Don’t talk about politics, religion or socially sensitive issues.
7. Don’t use slang or student lingo.
8. Don’t wear strong scents or too much jewelry.
9. Don’t whine or malign, or don’t talk in negative terms about other people or employers.
10. Don’t worry so much!


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