The pros and cons of technology

August 18, 2011 – Does technology help or hurt the job market? This is a question I go back and forth with, yet I still can’t come to a conclusion.

Modern technology has changed the way we do practically everything. Simple tasks that once took days to complete, such as mailing and receiving a letter, can now be achieved with the click of a computer key. I’ll admit that e-mail, online bill pay and other quick services are convenient, but they are causing an uproar with jobs and the U.S. Post Office.

So, where jobs are concerned, technology may be hurting us. It may be responsible for creating jobs, but it seems to take away more than it gives.

We’ve already lost factory and plant assembly line jobs to robots, and now we’re losing human farmers to more robots that plant seeds and harvest crops. Sure, we need people to build the robots, but what about those of us without a PhD? We all can’t be computer science experts.

Plenty of jobs disappear everyday and we probably don’t even realize it. ATMs have replaced bank tellers, automated telephone systems have replaced many operators and receptionists, and now front-end cashiers are being replaced by self-checkout equipment in many stores. Also, tollbooth collectors are being replaced by services like EZ pass — and the list goes on.

While I applaud the convenience factor technology brings in most cases, I can’t help but wonder if it will ruin us in the end. Remember “2001: A Space Odyssey”? HAL was one of the most frightening creatures ever to make it to the big screen.

On the other hand, if it weren’t for technology we wouldn’t have important advances in the medical field, or conveniences like cell phones, robots vacuuming our carpets, or the Internet.

Whether you support advances in technology or you don’t, we can all agree that the world be very different without them.


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