Extra! Extra! It’s Newspaper Carrier Day

September 4, 2011 – If you’re reading a newspaper this morning, chances are you have a newspaper carrier to thank for delivering it.

Today is the official day to honor the newspaper carrier, even though newspapers across the country are suffering, mainly because people stopped reading the news, or that like me, they read the paper online.

Newspaper Carrier day celebrates Barney Flaherty, the first paperboy hired in 1833 by the New York Sun, the first penny press newspaper in the country. The paper is also responsible for another first. Its owner and publisher, Benjamin Day was responsible for printing a story about life on the moon that was pure fiction, but received by the public as fact. His stretching the truth is what came to be known as sensationalism.

So, thanks Barney and Benjamin for two traditions that you began nearly 200 years ago.


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