Career spotlight: The sales job

September 12, 2011 – What do successful sales people have in common?

If you’re confident, have a winning personality, people skills and plenty of passion and drive, you may have what it takes to build a career in sales.

Some people may turn away from a career in sales because they ’d rather have a job with a secure salary base. Either that, or in conjures up images of door-to-door sales or the stereotypical and sleazy used car salesman. It’s true that sales jobs typically pay commission, which means you are paid a percentage of what you sell, and there is often no guaranteed paycheck. But those who succeed in sales can make an extremely comfortable living, far surpassing their salary based co-workers. Here are some of the attributes that successful sales people share.

Successful sales people have a strong belief in the company they work for and the product they sell. They exude confidence, and their conviction is obvious to their customers. Those who succeed find it easy to promote themselves in social and business situations.

The enthusiasm of a successful sales person is contagious. They are typically high-energy people who focus on the positive in any situation. Even if they are in a bad mood, they never reveal it to their customers.

Sales people who succeed differentiate themselves from their competition by their passion and drive. They are genuinely excited about what they sell, so their success flows naturally. Some are driven by a hunger for money, and others for their desire to be the best. Without being pushy, they also understand that persistence is the key to success.

Superior customer service skills are a must have in any sales position. For example, successful sales people understand their customers because they listen to them. They know the value of maintaining frequent contact with their customers, and in turn, their customers know they are reliable and dependable. Making phone calls to schedule breakfast or lunch meetings, or sending newsletters, birthday cards and holiday cards, are just a few of the ways they use to keep their names fresh in minds of their customers. They are consistently on the lookout for new and creative ways to keep in touch.

Sales jobs are usually plentiful as every industry needs them in some form or another. From technology, to finance, healthcare, media and more, a job in sales, if you have the right personality, can be very lucrative.


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