Ben & Jerry’s ice cream upsets moms

September 25, 2011 – Remember the Schweddy Balls skit Saturday Night Live did back in 1998 with Alec Baldwin, Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon? It was #11 on the 50 Best SNL Skits I wrote about yesterday.

Ice cream wizards Ben & Jerry’s announced a few weeks ago that they named their latest flavor after the skit. Now the vanilla ice cream with covered rum balls and malt balls has some moms upset., part of the American Family Association is asking folks to boycott Ben & Jerry’s because they find the flavor vulgar.

What happened to having a little sense of humor? Surely there are bigger issues for the American Family Association to tackle. Should we change the name of rum balls or malted milk balls while we’re at it?

If a kid asks for Schweddy Balls ice cream by name it would surprise me, and he or she probably wouldn’t understand the history or the humor behind it anyway. Besides, I’ve always considered Ben & Jerry’s adult ice cream. It’s way too expensive to waste on the kids.


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