Dear Phillies, I love you but you’re bad for me so we may have to break up.

October 6, 2011– We’re in one of those dysfunctional relationships that Dr. Phil loves to talk about. You know, the kind where you’ve disappointed me yet again, and I still love you unconditionally.

But I’m at the breaking point now and I’m not sure how much more I can take.

I’ve  loved you for years, even when you weren’t winning so you can never accuse me of being a fair weather fan. It’s just that now that I’ve gotten a taste of winning, I don’t know if I can go back there again and cheer for a team that can’t get it done.

Sorry if that makes me a bad fan.

Still, look at what I’ve done for you. I bought into the hype about your four aces pitching staff and chanted the mantra over and over again that great pitching beats great hitting, especially in the playoffs.

I defended you after you clinched the National League East and then went on to lose eight games in a row, and all season for that matter as your offense switched on and off.

And now I’m tired. I thought Tuesday night’s game was the one that would get me, but it was last night’s lackluster performance that did me in.

The season and all of the hype comes down to a do or die tie breaker, a game five, the mother of all rubber matches, just to see if you will get past the first round of playoffs.

That’s unbelievable. Aren’t you the team that had the best record in all of Major League baseball, and that won 102 games?

Thankfully you have your biggest ace pitching tomorrow and you’ll be on our home turf. It should sway some momentum in our favor.

Oh, and by the way, I always believed that four aces beat a wild card. Please don’t prove me wrong.

Love, Jane

P.S. If you win tomorrow, everything will be fine and we can forget all about this letter.


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5 thoughts on “Dear Phillies, I love you but you’re bad for me so we may have to break up.”

  1. I stopped watching COMPLETELY as soon as it was 5-2. I can’t watch Ryan Howard strike out anymore. At least Jimmy Rollins showed up. I am not watching Friday. And even if they win, they won’t win the World Series because they can’t hit. I can’t say they are a bunch of bums, because they are not. They work hard and play awesome defense. But when the big man looks scared at the plate and when everyone at the bottom of the order is in a slump, they can’t win.

    1. I wish I was strong enough not to watch on Friday. Alas, I love to torture myself … a dysfunctional relationship at its best.

      Why can’t Howard make adjustments? The pitchers have long figured him out and every other batter around the league (including the sliding Pujols) makes those necessary adjustments, but he can’t seem to do that.

      1. I say I am not watching on Friday but we will see. The thing is, if they win Friday, they won’t go any further unless they wake up with the bat. I don’t want to watch them against the Yankees like this. Put me out of my misery now. I was not too upset that 3 of the 4 aces didn’t do that well, because the Cardinals are such a great offensive team. I think the pitchers will rebound. The hitters….well, we can count on Rollins and Pence, and Utley to at least try. And I never like Oswalt anyway!

  2. Somehow I believe that the Cardinals would be their toughest competition throughout the entire series. But you’re right… if the bats don’t wake up we’re cooked.

  3. Loved this blog — you captured everyone’s sentiment. It seems so characteristic of Philly teams — we get to the playoffs and blow it. But it is not over until it’s over.

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