Sesame Street tackles more social issues

October 7, 2011 – Is teaching preschool children about poverty, death, unemployment and AIDs good thing?

It’s real, so why not as long as the producers of Sesame Street handle it in their own special way.

While some groups are asking them to teach children tolerance by allowing Bert and Ernie to get married, Sesame Street chooses to deal with other heavy-duty social issues instead.

They first handled losing a loved one when the actor who played the Mr. Hooper passed away, and they also dealt with the recession when Elmo’s mother was laid off.

The South African version of Sesame Street even introduced a HIV positive Muppet, which proves that the children’s program is adamant about educating children and no subject is off-limits.

And now in a one-hour prime time special to air on PBS on October 9, Sesame Street will introduce their latest character, a Muppet named Lily who is impoverished and doesn’t always know where her next meal is coming from.

While these issues may seem a little intense for preschoolers, sadly many already know some of them first hand, and in the past Sesame Street handled sensitive subjects wisely. In the special they provide simple information about food drives, vegetable gardens and volunteering at the food pantry in language that young ones understand.

It’s a smart move for sure. After all, the way to truly change the world is to reach our children, a.k.a. our future leaders.


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One thought on “Sesame Street tackles more social issues”

  1. I do think it’s a little much for kids to deal with. We should let them be kids… On the other hand, you’re right. Many of them probably understand way too much than they should and deal with it every day.

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