A little bit of “Ranker” Love

October 23, 2011 – Here are the top three reasons I love www.ranker.com:

1.  I’m an old list maker from way back.
2.  I’ve always enjoyed a good top ten list.
3.  It lists/ranks interesting topics & gives you insight into the minds of fellow humans, which is always eye-opening.

Those of you who read my blog know I feature the occasional Ranker listing, but lately there have been so many interesting topics, I’ve decided to include my top five from the past week. Sit back with a cup of coffee and a donut and go list crazy:

  1. The celebrities we’ll miss most from 2011
  2. The worst Oscar-wining actors ever
  3. The 10 most memorable Simpson’s alter egos
  4. The best flavors of ice cream
  5. History’s most under-appreciated female inventors

And here’s a little side note from the last Ranker.com list I ran on the funniest TV characters of all time. The folks at Ranker seem a bit peeved that Eric Cartman, of South Park fame is beating Homer Simpson for the top spot of the funniest character ever. How can this be, they wonder? The site is urging people via Facebook to vote Simpson and fix this grave error in judgment.


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