Celebrating our first birthday!

November 10, 2011 – Hard to believe that it was a year ago today I posted my first blog entry.

It’s been a terrific year of research and blogging, causing me to develop unique and interesting ways to come up with story ideas. It’s also been educational and entertaining – for you too I hope – and I have no plans to stop.

Here’s a look at the first year in review.

  • 368 entries posted since November 10, 2010. That means there were some days when I had the energy to post twice.
  • 8,486 unique views over the past year. That’s pretty good considering I started out slow, very slow, in fact, and then watched with glee as that number grew. It takes patience, and I still have a long way to go, but as long as the numbers continue to rise, I’m happy.
  • Busiest day was November 2, 2011 when I received 134 unique views. I average about 100 each day now, which may not seem like much, but it wasn’t too long ago when 10 clicks was all it took to send me over the moon. The entry posted that day was entitled “It’s Movember,” and it covered the facial hair growth event to raise awareness for men’s health issues.
  • Most popular entry, “The best breakfast cereals” posted on Aug. 2 has earned me nearly 1,000 clicks. It actually earned me nine today so far and 25 this week. It’s the post that keeps on giving.
  • 32 people follow my RSS feed each day. The coolest part of that is that I don’t know most of them!

Thanks so much for your support, and keep coming back. Now, who wants a piece of birthday cake?


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