If you’re creative, you may be more likely to cheat

December 2, 2011 – At least that’s what a new study conducted by the Harvard University Business School recently found.

According to Associate Professor Francesca Gino, who co-authored the study, “A creative personality and being in a creative mind-set help people resolve the conflict more easily and give into the temptation to cheat. In fact, creativity allows people to come up with many good reasons why their unethical actions are not so bad after all – they rationalize them.”

Sounds like logical reasoning to me, although I’m not sure I care for the implication. As someone who considers herself creative and honest, I take umbrage with this study.

Oh wait … I should add that I can be persuaded by a good argument, just like the one the other day when someone tried to convince me that downloading software or music illegally isn’t really stealing … it’s sharing. How’s that for a good rationalization?

I love surrounding myself with creative people.

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