Just a little touch of Argentina’s brand of star quality

December 11, 2011 – If you live in Argentina, or Buenos Aires to be exact, you’re probably celebrating National Tango Day today.

The tango originated in the lower class districts of Buenos Aires in the 1890s, and then found it’s way into Europe with a dance team who traveled to Europe early in the 20th century. The dance craze took off in Paris and soon followed in London and Berlin. It became a hit a few years later in 1913, in New York.

In Argentina, National Tango Day is celebrated on Dec. 11 to pay homage to the mutual birthdays of Carlos Gardel, the creator of the “Tango Song” and Julio DeCaro, a well-known orchestra conductor. It was first established in 1965.

Interested in learning more about the world’s most romantic dance and getting your tango on? Check out news and events around Philadelphia by clicking here.


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