Christmas karma

December 15, 2011 – Do you believe in Christmas magic? The kind of sappy, miracle-inducing stuff they show over and over again in those made for TV Christmas movies?

I’ll admit to watching my fair share no matter how corny they are, and according to Nielson ratings, I’m not alone. They’re quite popular with viewers across the country, and because they are so popular, channels like Hallmark, ABC Family and Lifetime order more and more new holiday movies to be made each year.

What do you think that says about human nature? Does that mean we’re optimists hoping for something magical in our own lives, or is it simply an easy way to pass a couple of hours on a Wednesday night? One thing is for sure – good always wins over bad in those movies. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen in real life, but watching makes me feel hopeful.

I don’t mean to appear maudlin or anything. Most of us have hectic, less than perfect lives and could use a little magic. I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who’s been visited on Christmas Eve by three ghosts in hopes of teaching him or her a lesson to enjoy life a little more – although I do know a few who could benefit.

Which brings me to my point – do you think having a Merry Christmas is all about attitude? Is it a state of mind we can control? Sure, it’s much easier to have a Merry Christmas if all is right in your world, but I know people who have major problems and always seem grounded and happy. They have the right attitude. I also know others who appear to have everything, yet they are never happy.

I’m generally a pretty optimistic person, but I have my moments where negativity consumes me, and that’s happened to me more this year than ever before. Granted this year has been tougher than most, but I know I’m also very fortunate. I want to learn to remember that without having to be reminded by someone else’s misfortune. Therefore, I plan to make the best of this Christmas and try not to get caught up in all of the stress and drama. I haven’t even started shopping, yet I’m determined to feel that Christmas magic in its truest form.

Last week, I posted my favorite non-traditional Christmas songs. One of them was I Believe in Father Christmas by Emerson Lake and Palmer. Musically there isn’t a lovelier tune out there. But if you listen to the words, they reflect in a far more artistic way exactly what I’m trying to say here. My heart actually breaks when Greg Lake sings “they promised snow at Christmas, but it instead it just kept on raining.” Those are powerful words.

I believe the song is trying to signify how Christmas has lost its true meaning along the way. Which is why the last line of the song is the most powerful of all: “Hallelujah noel be it heaven or hell, the Christmas you get you deserve.”

Ouch! As my father might put it, “That is what you call your Christmas karma.”

Here’s to wishing we experience all the joy, peace and magic the Christmas season has to offer.


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4 thoughts on “Christmas karma”

  1. Having lost my father a few days before Christmas, 15 years ago now, I can readily recall how running to the store for additional medical supplies brought the true meaning of Christmas home. The decorations that in other years seemed festive, that year seemed frivolous and even offensive, yet the perspective of the real first Christmas continued to give me an overwhelming peace within my heart. My father trusted Jesus, that babe who came in the manger, to save him from his sins, and we all knew that he would be celebrating Christmas that year with Him in heaven. That was why He came and it brought the real meaning home to me.

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