Personalized books aren’t just for the little guys anymore

December 21, 2011 – Here’s a novel idea.

If you’re wondering what to get that special couple in your life, why not have a romance novel crafted and personalized just for them.

You can do it easily at by answering a series of 26 online questions about the couple. Although it might require some pretty tricky investigation on your part to find out her pet name and her favorite color of lingerie, many of the questions are basic, such as their names, the city they live in, and what type of car he drives.

Customers can also choose other features, such as location and storyline, they can put the couple’s photo on the front cover, and also decide whether it will be a mild or wild ride. While the site claims the wild version may be a little racy, they don’t handle requests for x-rated material, even though it is often requested. was created 20 years ago by Kathy Newbern-Fletcher and her husband, J.S. Fletcher. The husband and wife writing team, who also moonlight as travel writers, cooked up all of the 20 storylines available, and say their novels also make terrific wedding gifts.

I don’t quite buy into the wedding gift idea unless you know the couple really well and plan to also give them a nice gift along with it, but it could make an awfully fun holiday gift. And think of it this way – a couple’s gift makes it easier because it helps you cross two gifts off your list at once. It won’t save you much cash – the personalized books are pricey, ranging between $40 and $100 – but it will save you precious time. It also might be an interesting gift option for your own sweetie pie.

Of course, it’s too late to consider a personalized novel this year, but there’s always 2012 to look forward to. And Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

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