Bill Maher Twitter controversy has some calling for boycott of HBO

December 29, 2011 – Looks like the “New Rules” author and “Real Time” host has done it again.

Maher is well-known for his anti-religion rants and is a self-professed atheist. Although I don’t follow those same beliefs, I’ve always supported his right to his opinion. But his latest tweet about Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has me scratching my head wondering what he hoped to gain.

Sure, he’s a comedian, and comedians like to stir the pot, but his tweet wasn’t funny. It only served to upset a lot of people, and now conservative Christians are once again calling for a boycott of HBO, the home of Maher’s “Real Time” show, which returns on January 13. I’m not sure it will do much good since the audiences who want the boycott probably aren’t HBO subscribers anyway, but they have as much of a right to their opinion as Maher has to his.

Interestingly, the recently departed Christopher Hitchens — a fellow atheist — was a frequent guest on Maher’s show. What a ratings grabber it would be if Maher could interview Hitches via séance about what he’s learned since his death. After all, he knows one way or the other now.

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