2011 – Well, it wasn’t all bad…

December 30, 2011 – If you read my sob story, belly aching blog post from yesterday and were brave enough to come back today, you may be happy to know that since this is the last day of the year, this post focuses on the good aspects of 2011.

I’m still happy that 2011 is about to wash away with the tide, but focusing on the positive is definitely a better way to end the year.

Topping the list are the two major thorns in my side from 2011 – my mother’s three major illnesses and my long period of unemployment. Thankfully both rectified themselves rather nicely in the last quarter; my mother pulled through the major trauma and is doing pretty well considering and I found a great job.

Through that my job, I may have the opportunity to do some global traveling, which I’ve never done before, although I’ve seen enough of Detroit and Minneapolis from my previous position to last anyone a lifetime. That new job also has me trekking into center city Philadelphia each day, which has led me to a few more of the good things about 2011.

For one, I’d like to thank the man at the Market East Station in Philadelphia who plays the banjo every morning. As I make my way up those train steps to step outside onto Market Street, he makes me smile and ready to face my eight-block walk to my office, no matter what the weather is outside. Although I don’t know his name, I know he’s incredibly talented and I wish him much success with his music. I particularly like the days when some passerby stops to join him to harmonize in song. Rock on, Mr. Banjo man…

And on those rare days when I drive to work, the men at Laz Parking at 7th and Sansom also bring a smile to my face and greet me each morning with a joke or a song. They’re the friendliest bunch of parking attendants I’ve ever come across, and two of them actually serenaded me with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” as I was leaving the building last Friday. It doesn’t get much better than that.

And finally, now that it’s the last day of 2011, I can officially state that I made it through the “2011 Post Each Day” challenge presented by Word Press. There were days when I didn’t think I would, when I posted something at the last minute just to keep going, and strangely some of those posts turned out to be my most popular. I’m not sure if I will take on that same challenge in 2012 – part of me wants to because I know I will miss it, but I’m busier now than I was in 2011 (thankfully) – so we’ll see.

Thanks for visiting me this year, and be safe if you’re going out tonight.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year for all of us!

2 thoughts on “2011 – Well, it wasn’t all bad…

  1. Jane, I want to thank you for a whole year of blogging. Every day when I opened my mail , you were always there without fail. You never disappointed me. If you can, keep it up but if not I understand. I’M GLAD you ended the year on a high. That is the kind of person I know you to be. Your bright outlook on life ( no matter what life handed you ) always encouraged me. I know I have told you many times but I will tell you again. I SO admire you for your positive outlook and tenacity in all you do.

    Wishing you the ALL THE BEST in 2012…….

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Bea! I won’t stop blogging completely, and plan to do so three or four times a week at least, but I don’t think I can keep up with every day. Happy New Year to both of you!! I’m sure you’re having a blast over there! We miss you though…

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