Ode to the blank page

January 12, 2012 – There’s little more exciting than the blank page.

It aches to be filled with stories that inspire, educate and entertain; it’s open to possibilities. With it, the writer finds joy in the creation.

Then again there’s little more daunting.

It’s a stark sheet of paper that teases and taunts, an endless hallway that may lead to nowhere. Only the strong make it through.

Writing is a journey with peaks and valleys and good ideas and bad.

Sometimes that’s easy to forget.


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A girl trying to live the dream.

One thought on “Ode to the blank page”

  1. Managing virtual intellectual property…a workshop
    Saturday July 26 2014
    12 noon slt

    Rose Opera House

    Virtual ip (ip protect able virtual goods and content) is here to stay. Lets address strategies for protecting and managing works and content created for use online and in virtual worlds. Our discussion will include trademark and copyright related issues from the point of view of skins, animations, avatars, domains and art.

    We will also discuss the recent TOS changes and organizing enforcement priorities for the creator community, such as a well defined and enforceable repeat offender policy and transparency in treatment of violations of community standards and abuse reporting.

    So, if you would like to document your DMCA and TOS abuse reports experiences, kindly send a note to Juris Amat below; we’re not looking for novels 🙂 just numbers.

    For example, ‘In 2013, I filed 37 TOS abuse reports and nothing ever happened or something actually happened.’ I’ll be sure to review the comments received prior to the workshop and .…that brings me to the presentation and workshop series starting this Saturday July 26 at noon SLT.

    Drop in and join us for more tips about managing your content, user disputes under the Terms of Service Agreement, and virtual intellectual property rights.

    I can only hope this is a voice meeting not text.

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