Protesting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

January 18, 2012 – In case you’re wondering what the censorship ribbon is doing in the corner of this blog, it is my way of protesting the “Stop Online Piracy Act” now in Congress that could lead to massive censorship if passed.

Major sites, including Google, Wikipedia and Craigslist have gone black today to protest the bill. This blog will display the ribbon through January 24, when Congress is scheduled to vote.

Here’s a brief look at SOPA: Media companies are upset that their copyrighted content is sometimes used or stolen by others sites. Many, however, are sites that simply share headline news. While the SOPA bill aims to crack down on piracy by restricting access to U.S. sites that potentially could link to content owned by another site, many industry professionals in the Silicon Valley say the bill will have major consequences that could affect the way the Internet functions.

In other words, something needs to be done about piracy, but this bill is too extreme.

If you want to protest the SOPA bill, contact your local representative. Thanks for reading!


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