Should I become one of those people?

January 25, 2012 – I still have one of those old flip phones that make calls and sends texts, but offers little else.

I’m OK with that; it’s a phone and it does what it’s supposed to do.

But some of the wonderful people in my life make fun of me using it whenever I pull it out of my purse, and refer to it as a dinosaur. I realize they are only concerned about my well-being – and aren’t making fun to be cruel – but only to bring me into the 21st century.

So, I’ve been considering buying an iPhone. I suppose it is convenient to have information at your fingertips, even though we’ve survived for thousands of years without it. And it would be fun to be able to play “Words with Friends” or “Angry Birds” on the train during my commute.

Yet I hesitate, afraid of becoming one of those people who always has their phone in their hands, who crash into other people walking down the street because they don’t look where they are going, or who can’t get through a lunch or dinner with friends without checking on and sending text messages.

We all know people who have their smart phones glued to their hands. Many of my friends and family members fit that description, and maybe you do, too. My phone usually stays in my purse until it rings, which isn’t that often, or until I have to make a call. I’ll admit that before I had to start carrying a Blackberry, which was a requirement in my last job, I didn’t even know what my cell phone number was. I considered it an instrument for me to make a call if I needed to, not something that would ring constantly so people knew where I was at all times. That’s a little creepy.

Now people using smart phones are more common than those who don’t. Those gadgets have become part of people’s wardrobes, and everyone seems addicted. I’m just not sure I’m ready to become one of them.

What’s a girl to do?


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3 thoughts on “Should I become one of those people?”

  1. I’m with you. I use my phone when I need to txt or make a call. But I had to give it up when I came to Portugal. I wasn’t attached to the phone but I was attached to my phone number that I had for 8 years. So, I will have a new phone and new number and in some ways a new ME…. I will carry it with me right next to my IPOD and my Kindle…

    BTW: I have a friend you owns a Metro store and he could give you a good deal. I had Metro and it worked well everywhere and only 40 bucks for unlimited calls, text and internet… that included all those nasty taxes. I sound like a Metro commercial…. But I will be getting a Droid from Metro for $50. a month ( including all those nasty taxes).

    1. I will look into that. Thanks. I always see Metro advertised and wondered about them. They are the no contract people, right? That’s a selling point in itself.

      I have a few iPods but don’t have the Kindle yet. There’s something great (although often inconvenient, especially when travelling) about holding an actual book. I like to see them on my shelves and be surounded by them. But Charlie loves his and keeps telling me I’m getting is old one when he upgrades to the color version…

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