Fun Friday: America’s five coldest cities

January 27, 2012 – It’s almost the end of January and winter is in full swing, so there’s no better time to create a fun list of America’s five coldest cities.

What constitutes this as fun you may ask?

It’s fun to watch the Weather Channel, where I gathered these interesting facts. It’s also fun to realize that although these locations are surrounded by nature’s beauty – and I’ve visited or visited near all of them – I don’t have to winter there. And that image of Jack Nicholson from “The Shining” is a little on the amusing side.

5. Caribou, Maine – Caribou is America’s most northeastern city, so no wonder it’s cold. All that frigid air coming down from Canada hits them first. Typically, the last freeze of the season hits about May 15, while the first freeze arrives by September 24.

4. Jackson, Wyoming – Situated over one mile high, this beautiful city is surrounded by the Grand Tetons and is known to have a freeze at least once a month all throughout the year. Still, they are on record as seeing the last freeze of the season in and around July 10, and experiencing the first of the new season by August 16. That’s one short spring, summer and fall.

3. Gunnison, Colorado – This Rocky Mountain high city boasts the record for the most subzero days in the “lower 48”. That’s a little lingo I picked up on my travels in Alaska. Their last freeze, however, usually hits around June 24, and hits again on or about September 5, which coincides perfectly with the school year in most places.

2. International Falls, Minnesota – I usually think of Minnesota when I think of freezing cold temperatures, and I understand why International Falls earned the nickname the Icebox of America. The last freeze typically occurs in around May 26, and begins again by September 15.

1. Barrow, Alaska – Barrow not only sits north of the Arctic Circle, but it’s practically on top of the world. The last freeze of the season hits about April 23 (not bad), while the first freeze occurs in and around November 4 (again not bad). But the weather isn’t always freezing in Barrow. Since 1922, the city has recorded five — yes five – days of 75+ degree weather.

Stay warm!


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