The latest social trend, or are they just hopping mad?

March 9, 2012 – It was almost 70 degrees in Philadelphia yesterday, which prompted the desire to dine alfresco. I headed to the food cart with a friend, and walked across the street to enjoy the meal in Washington Square Park.

On the grass facing Walnut Street, I observed something so odd that I cursed myself for not having a camera or cell phone with me to capture the moment. A handful of people, who didn’t appear to be together or even know each other, were hopping across the grass.

I was mesmerized. Were these well-dressed adults playing hopscotch, I wondered, or were they trying to get in touch with their inner child, back before they crossed into awkwardness and started to care about what people thought?

For all I know, this could be an odd new social trend. I’m usually not hip (or hop) to these trends until they’re on the way out. I just recently discovered planking, or lying face down in an unusual location with your hands at your sides in public.

As if that wasn’t enough, something even stranger happened next. A huge gust of wind blew through the park causing most of the people to head for the shelter. We finished our lunch in the lobby of our building and chatted a bit before heading back to work. When I glanced out the lobby window, which overlooks Independence Mall Park, I saw people in the distance doing the same thing, two blocks away from the original hoppers.

Are people in Philadelphia going crazy? Or are they just hopping on the latest fad wagon? I Googled “social trends hopping” and all I got was results for “social trends shopping”.

Does anyone out there know what’s going on?


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9 thoughts on “The latest social trend, or are they just hopping mad?”

  1. I recently saw a You-Tube video that getting more movement/exercise is a way to stimulate your brain. In the video, they illustrated this by having business professionals hopping on these balls. I’ll try to find the segment again and send it to you. Obviously, I did not hop, because I can’t remember where I saw it.

    1. You know I thought of something similar, Pam, and when I Googled it all I could find was people hopping on balls. There were no balls yesterday, though. They were just hopping like bunnies. I loved the fact that they didn’t seem to care about what people thought, but I really want to learn more.

    1. I think I’m the crazy one. No one I’ve spoken to has heard of this trend, or has seen adults doing the bunny hop outside of a wedding reception.

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