An Ode to World Poetry Day

March 21, 2012 – If you’re looking for something to celebrate today, aside from the good things you already have in your life (and I hope there are plenty), you may want to celebrate World Poetry Day.

World Poetry Day is an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, that set aside March 21 to support and appreciate the world’s many poets and their works each year.

As someone who loves visual, literary, and performing arts on practically every level, I have to admit I am stumped when it comes to poetry. I celebrate it just the same because I appreciate the talent it takes to create a poem, but often the words only make sense to me if you put music behind it and call it a song. Perhaps that’s laziness on my part, or just the way my brain works, but I’d be lost at a poetry reading unless someone was playing a musical instrument in the background, and the poet was reciting his or her work with a little more than just syncopated rhythm in their voice.

Some of the literary (or coffee-house) elite may say that makes me akin to feeding from the bottom of the art chain, similar to appreciating a novel off the New York Time’s Best Seller List over a selection from a list of the best literary classics ever written – and that’s OK. But here’s something interesting I found while researching the origins of poetry; the earliest poems evolved from folk songs (emphasis on the word folk, i.e. the common people of society), so if it wasn’t for music, we may not have poetry as we know it today.

There is one poem I remember well that doesn’t need music behind for me to appreciate it. It was written by my niece with magnetic poetry on my refrigerator.

“Your moon wind is beautiful sweet fire.”

Thanks, Leigh. After all of these years, your witty prose still makes me chuckle.

8 thoughts on “An Ode to World Poetry Day

  1. I had no idea today was World Poetry Day. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at some. Loved your thoughts on putting a musical score behind it.

    1. Yes, Pam, it’s one of those odd little days we celebrate. Alas, I will not be trying my hand at any today. But I may listen to some musical artists that I do consider poets. Thanks for your thoughts.

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