Accidental Photography

April 27, 2012 – It’s time once again for the Penn Relays.

That means athletes from all over the world converge on my beloved city to participate in a track and field event that is the largest in the country, and a Philadelphia tradition dating back to 1895.

I’m not usually up on things of a track and field nature; the only reason I know is that while leaving City Hall last night, where I’m still serving as Juror #2 on the never-ending trial, I ran smack dab into several members of a running team from the Bahamas. And they have a memento to remember our meeting because they accidentally took a close up of me while aiming for the Comcast Building.

The boys in the Caribbean blue track suits with a yellowish orange trim were nice about our collision, and we chatted a few moments about the Comcast Building, which happens to be Philadelphia’s tallest building. And they were majorly impressed.

It’s not my first time being the accidental subject of a photograph. Since I began working in center city, I’ve literally run into several tourists who now have permanent images of me. It happens mostly in the old city area when they’re trying to snap a photo of a horse and carriage or the cobble stone streets, and instead get yours truly walking by.

I’m also a popular attraction around Independence Hall, especially while driving. If I’m stopped in traffic, or if I’m aware I’ll be in the shot, I often acknowledge the camera, and look out my window and wave and smile. That way, when the people get home and look at their photos, they may ask who the hell is this woman who ruined the photo, but at least they’ll know she’s friendly.

For someone who is actually quite camera-shy, sometimes I feel like the most photographed image in Philadelphia.

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