How’s this for ridiculous?

May 3, 2012 – According to a poll, Mr. Met, the mascot of the New York Mets officially dethroned the Phillie Phanatic as America’s favorite mascot.

The Phanatic, who came in a close second, has held the top spot for several years, beating out other sports mascots like Wally the Green Monster, Billy the Marlin and the Sausage Racers in Milwaukee.

Our Phanatic may not have been the original – that honor belongs to the San Diego Chicken – but there’s no doubt that our green fuzzy friend, the very one with the impish charm and bad boy good looks, is heads and tails above a guy dressed in a Mets’ uniform with a baseball on his head.

The only thing Mr. Met has over the Phanatic is age; he appeared on the scene in 1964, while the Phillie Phanatic was hatched on the
Galapagos Islands 14 years later in 1978.

Where can I file a grievance about this one?


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