Occupy protesters reach is far and a little too wide

May 4, 2012 – While the Occupy Philadelphia movement made headlines once again earlier in the week with their May Day Protest in center city that resulted in two arrests, this blogger wants to bring attention to the news from its neighbors at Occupy Jenkintown.

That’s right, there is an Occupy Jenkintown movement, and I’m willing to bet that once you stop laughing, you’ll freely admit you’ve never heard them, their cause or their activities.

The reason why this is so humorous – and people from the area understand fully well – is that Jenkintown, a small hamlet right outside of the city limits in lovely Montgomery County, one of the wealthiest counties in Pennsylvania, is known as a mecca of stability. The area doesn’t even have a McDonald’s or any other fast food chain in its .58 square miles because residents didn’t want to take away from the town’s quaint charm.

But they do have a historic movie theater owned by private citizens that shows films of artistic quality, and homes that are to die for on beautifully manicured tree-lined streets. It is home to farmer’s markets, June Fetes, and strong middle (and upper) class who keep the area thriving. And Jenkintown’s median household income is well above the Pennsylvania norm at $56,000.

The Occupy group set up camp in Jenkintown’s tiny town square, along with a website at http://occupyjenkintown.weebly.com. Yet I can’t find anything on the site or the Internet in general as to what they are trying to accomplish.

I did, however, find an article that stated the group moved on in mid-April. Alas, they left for more deserving pastures; after five weeks in the town square, members have headed to neighboring Cheltenham to have their say.


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