E-mail gets a reprieve

May 11, 2012 – Communicating via text and instant message through cell phones and social media outlets such as Facebook seems to become more popular each day.

Sort of makes you believe that e-mail is a dying technology.

I know you’ve heard the theory before. Having been around for 40 plus years, e-mail is outdated, dying a slow painful death, and is waiting to be replaced by social media or whatever new and successful technology comes down the pike.

Many of my friends tell me they’re less inclined to check e-mail and appreciate text messages sent to their cell phones instead. And more and more of my co-workers are opting to use Office Communicator, an instant messaging tool, to avoid the e-mail clutter.

Aside from spam, which I do a good job of avoiding, I like e-mail and still use it as a primary communication tool for personal and professional messages. I’m prone to think of sending an e-mail instead of using that impossibly small QWERTY keyboard on my cell phone. And by trade, I’m a corporate communicator who freely sends business updates, announcements and executive messages to the e-mail boxes of my co-workers.

So, you can imagine my delight when I read a recent report that claims e-mail is still the main driver when it comes to reaching people, beating out Facebook and texting – at least when it comes to online shopping. The report comes from Exact Target, an Indianapolis-based leader in e-mail marketing. They claim that about 66 percent of Americans who routinely go online have purchased items either directly through e-mail or because they found a product or service via e-mail.

It’s nice to know I’m not quite the dinosaur I thought I was, although I’ve never – not once — purchased something because of an e-mail, and I am an online shopper. Clearly, I see these survey results at face value, and choose to believe they were not skewed in any way because they were ordered by a company specializing in reaching customers through they very method they promote — e-mail.

For now it seems e-mail has received a last minute call from the governor. If it’s replaced by new technology down the road – and chances are good that it will in our ever-changing technological world – I will adapt.

Until then, I will persist and stay in my comfort zone.


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2 thoughts on “E-mail gets a reprieve”

  1. Hi Jane
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blogs. So glad I subscribed (and I receive the notice via email)!!

    1. Thanks, Mary! It’s great to see your name, and I hope you are well. I appreciate you subscribing…I’m having such fun with it.

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