Finding inspiration in nature and other writers

June 27, 2012 – A writer taking a class at the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center is nearly the equivalent of an artist taking painting lessons from Picasso himself.

No, it’s not Ms. Buck who instructs us, but her spirit and inspiration haunt the beautiful grounds of sixty acre estate in Bucks County, Pa., where she lived for the last 40 years of her life. It’s also in the grand portrait of her (right) that hangs above the stone fireplace and watches over all of us in the workshop room on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Buck wrote more than two dozen books, short stories and articles during her career as a writer, although she may be more notably known as a great humanitarian. She spent many of her younger adult years in China taking on human rights issues, which greatly inspired her most famous novel, “The Good Earth”, for which she received a Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize in Literature.

This particular class, “Write a Novel in a Year”, meets each month for a year, so it’s perfectly suited to the estate and experiencing it during all four seasons. Spring and summer are particularly beautiful as you can see below, but I’m looking forward to fall when the colors deepen and change from green to bold yellows, oranges,and reds.

The old barn, which has been converted to workshop space for the various writing classes available through the Pearl S. Buck Writing Center
Entrance to the main house
The gift shop and museum
Close up of the gift shop

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4 thoughts on “Finding inspiration in nature and other writers”

  1. Beautiful. Sounds like you are enjoying your new adventure. This environment and you are an inspiration. Isn’t life beautiful when we are really paying attention?

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