Yes, you can blog a book

June 29, 2012 – Both fiction and nonfiction writers know that writing a book isn’t the most difficult part of the process; it’s finding a publisher when you’re done writing.

With the advent of digital publishing (eBooks) and print on demand technology (self-publishing), it’s become easier to do it yourself, but if you’re a writer with sights set on the traditional route (agent and publisher), especially in the present economy, it can be a long journey – if it even happens at all.

Nonfiction writer Nina Amir understood those odds and turned them to her favor with her “How to Blog a Book” theory. She created as a way to show writers that they can blog books, both fiction and nonfiction, although the site focuses on the latter since Nina’s expertise lies in writing, editing and publishing nonfiction books.

Nina, who recently signed a contract with Writer’s Digest Publishing to turn her blog about blogging a book into an actual book, believes the blog helped her land the deal.

“I did have to submit a book proposal,” she says. “I was not ‘found’ by an acquisition editor, but the work I did blogging my book helped. The fact that Writer’s Digest Books felt that publishing a book about how to blog a book was a worthy endeavor proves that point, as well.”

It is an interesting concept, and I can see how it would work well for nonfiction. Her advice is easy to follow. “Write a post a day and a book a year,” she writes. “Of course, the point is to blog your book. Start at the beginning of your book and proceed from there until you reach the end. A post a day for a year … or less … should do it.”

Nina adds that “if you don’t want to blog a book, then blog on one topic every day for a year. Then mine your blog for content. You’ll surely have enough for a book by the end of a year if not before.”

As a fiction writer, I’ve blogged several short stories and excerpts from novels, but it is an interesting idea to blog an entire book chapter by chapter, and ask for feedback from your reading audience.

Either way, whether you write fiction or nonfiction, once you’ve finished on the blog, you’ll have an interesting tool to market to potential agents and publishers, and maybe the added boost of a built in audience.

Nina’s blog is filled with tips for writers who want give it the old college try. Check it out at


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