A double dose of pop culture

September 7, 2012 – What do the cast of “Mad Men”, pop singer Rick Astley and Campbell Soup have in common? They’re all included in my pop culture picks of the week.

Take a look at this odd clip of the cast of “Mad Men” singing – or rather speaking – Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give you Up”. Yes, it’s unusual, but I couldn’t look away. Can you imagine how long it took to put this together?

Also, I love that Campbell’s Soup did this!


4 thoughts on “A double dose of pop culture

  1. And I’ll be right behind you in line, SE. I’m so impressed Campbell’s would run a campaign like this. They seem so stuffy … but they proved me wrong!

      • The main museum is in Pittsburgh, so you got the state right. There is an Institute of Contemporary Art on Penn’s campus in Philly that I believe has a few Warhols in their collection. And I only remember that because the company I used to work for had an event there years ago, and I handled the exhibit booth. It was the first time I saw an original Warhol in person.

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