A double dose of pop culture

September 7, 2012 – What do the cast of “Mad Men”, pop singer Rick Astley and Campbell Soup have in common? They’re all included in my pop culture picks of the week.

Take a look at this odd clip of the cast of “Mad Men” singing – or rather speaking – Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give you Up”. Yes, it’s unusual, but I couldn’t look away. Can you imagine how long it took to put this together?

Also, I love that Campbell’s Soup did this!


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4 thoughts on “A double dose of pop culture”

  1. And I’ll be right behind you in line, SE. I’m so impressed Campbell’s would run a campaign like this. They seem so stuffy … but they proved me wrong!

      1. The main museum is in Pittsburgh, so you got the state right. There is an Institute of Contemporary Art on Penn’s campus in Philly that I believe has a few Warhols in their collection. And I only remember that because the company I used to work for had an event there years ago, and I handled the exhibit booth. It was the first time I saw an original Warhol in person.

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