The best museums in the United States

September 10, 2012 – The summer may be winding down faster than we want to admit, and I hope the memories of how you celebrated the season – whether at a beach, lake, mountain resort, abroad or even in your own neighborhood, keep you warm through next spring.

If those summer plans included a road trip to one of this country’s many fine museums, here’s a link you may enjoy. lists the best museums in the United States, and I’m proud to say the museum in my own backyard, the wonderful Philadelphia Museum of Art places high on the list.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a great place to wander through on any given day, but Sundays are popular because you can pay what you want to get in. The museum features a wide range of art to please any taste — some pieces that are nearly 1,000 years old, right up to modern-day, and everything in between. 

It also hosts several special showings each year of works that tour the country and the world. Recently, it featured “Van Gogh Up Close”, which touted 30 paintings from the often-misunderstood artist, and was the only U.S. stop on a worldwide tour.

The coming months are a perfect time to visit the museum; afterwards you can stroll the lovely grounds and take in the fall foliage by Boat House Row and along Kelly Drive.


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