Killer designs or killer shoes?

October 10, 2012 – How do women walk in those extreme high heels and platforms that are all the rage?

I understand why they try to do it. They believe it looks attractive, and want to look fashionable and trendy when they go out on a Saturday night. Appearing taller than you are is often a good thing, and having legs that look a mile long is sexy. That makes sense. But I don’t understand how they think they can walk in this frightening footwear.

I turned to the Internet for help and here’s what I found:

How to Walk in High Heels
Learn How to Walk in High Heels

Thankfully, I’m not serious about learning how to walk in those monster shoes since neither one of those sources answered my question. Even I could walk in heels the size they feature in these “How To’s”.

So, what set me off on all of this shoe nonsense? While sitting at an outside café at 2nd and Market Streets in Philadelphia Saturday night, an interesting and busy intersection that’s perfect for my favorite pastime – people watching – I must have witnessed a hundred or more young women walk by in shoes with platforms so high and spiked heels even higher, it made my head spin.

Still, none of these lovely women could walk gracefully in them, and I’m not sure anyone could. They may look fashionable while they are standing still – and even that’s debatable – but once they moved, they appeared clumsy, lumbering and awkward. I have to wonder why they spent their hard-earned money on these torture devices.

At the table next to us we had another shoe drama unfolding. A young couple sat; she wearing the highest heels I’d ever seen, the tears streaming down her face because of a bleeding toe, and he soothing her with his words of comfort, “Babe, what the hell did you do?” While he cleaned the wound with a shot of tequila, and she continued to sob, it didn’t take a genius to realize that her shoes were probably the cause. Not to mention, it wasn’t the most appetizing sight when you’re trying to enjoy dinner.

Most women have a thing for shoes, and I sort of fall into that category. I get it. I watched “Sex and the City” and believe in a “woman’s right to shoes”. I simply prefer footwear with sensible high heels that look better on women who want to do more than stand still all evening, and who want walk gracefully cross a room without the fear of falling from such a high distance should her ankle wobble over.

As I watched the parade of killer shoes pass by, I kept thinking that even though those who wore them may be younger and more fashionable, I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in their shoes.

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4 thoughts on “Killer designs or killer shoes?”

  1. Needless to say, you never see men wearing anything uncomfortable in order to look sexy or fashionable. Maybe women should follow suit. In addition, look at the damage some of these shoes do to women’s feet. We want to look good with our shoes off, too, right?

  2. And the funny thing is, women don’t have to try so hard to attract a man. They’d swarm all over us without these silly shoes! I think women really dress to impress other women…

  3. You may be on to something about trying to impress other women, though in my circle, all the women think they are ugly. Have you tried finding something else to purchase? I have and fortunately I don’t have to go out that much and can continue to wear what I have. I can find nothing in the stores.

    1. I’m in the same boat, Pam. Most of my work shoes are more casual, so it’s no problem. If I needed a pair of dressy heels, I don’t know what I’d do!

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