Dear social media friends:

November 7, 2012 – Yay! I did it. I made it through Election 2012 without losing my mind.

Even though many of you believed it was your obligation to spew forth your political opinions at a rapid pace on Facebook every ten minutes, I was able to take a deep breath let it go. And I know you weren’t purposely trying to drive me batty, but you did.

Don’t get me wrong. I whole heartedly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I respect your opinion, as well, even though I may not agree with it. And I’m proud to live in a country with freedom of speech. But it was all TOO much.

Not only did I have to put up with negative political ads on radio and television, but many of you had to turn my guilty pleasure of social media lurking a negative experience, too. Perhaps you believed you were only doing your civic duty, but didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s impolite to jam your political (and religious) opinions down other people’s throats?

Thankfully, it’s over, and I’m happy to report that I still like you. It’s just a shame that only half of you are happy with the results of the presidential election, but unfortunately that’s the way the cookie crumbles in the world of politics. The better candidate doesn’t always win, and we usually get the one we deserve.

Starting today, let’s focus on something really important. Let’s forego the republican and democrat labels we all love to pin on ourselves, the very ones that only seem to separate us more even more while breeding hatred, and join together as Americans. This country, and the world, really needs that right now.


Your Facebook friend Jane

P.S. This is not an endorsement for any candidate or an indication that I am happy with the results. I am just glad it is over.


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4 thoughts on “Dear social media friends:”

    1. Thx. You should be thankful you’re not a FB person. I should have waited one more day to post this though. They’re still coming out of the woodwork today!! And I know I don’t have to look, but it’s like an accident and I can’t look away.

  1. I’m glad it’s over and after reading your post I’m also glad that I am not a FaceBookie… Let’s work together and show some love towards everyone and have a real UNITED States of America.

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